Case Studies

Tree Pros – Brad Kiser Tree and Landscape

It's been amazing. One of the best decisions we've ever made. – Warren Adcock

Adcock says that business has increased at least 80% since he signed up in 2012. The growth of business is all a result of Adcock having his marketing on Google. Without the visibility that Tree Pros has on Google with a Business Listing and an Adwords campaign, Adcock would ultimately not be receiving these calls from new customers who need his tree service expertise.

Warren Adcock Case Study

Warren Adcock, the owner of Tree Pros in Hesperia, California – is an excellent example of a client who reaped the benefits of having an internet marketing campaign with My Supernova.

80ballsAdcock first signed up with My Supernova in December 2012 and he was actually a little skeptical when he signed up for his marketing campaign. However, once he saw his website, he was confident in moving forward with My Supernova’s internet marketing services. Adcock signed up for both an Adwords Campaign and for a Business Listing campaign.

In His Own Words …


What is the increase of business since you’ve signed up with us? Business has increased at least 80%!

Would you recommend the service? Yes

How many calls on average did you receive this last month? I get around 56 calls per month.

Where are the majority of your calls coming from? Hesperia, California and Victorville, California

Monroe Fence Company

My Supernova's internet marketing services produces results.

Jonathan Lewis, the owner of Monroe Fence Company of Henryville, Pennsylvania has been working with My Supernova since February 2013. Monroe Fence Company is a great example of a business that has seen an increase in revenue because of advertising on the internet with My Supernova.

Jonathan Lewis Case Study

Lewis first signed up with My Supernova in February 2013 with an Adwords campaign and for a website that is mobile ready, user friendly and has good content. Since the start of Lewis’ marketing campaign, he has believed that My Supernova’s internet marketing services produces results.


Lewis says that business has increased at least 30% since he signed up with My Supernova in 2013. The growth of business is the result of Lewis having his business have marketing on Google with an ad and from having a great website that his potential customers are able to navigate with ease. Without the exposure that Monroe Fence Company has on Google, they ultimately would not be receiving as many calls from new customers who need his services in Monroe County and surrounding areas.

In His Own Words …


Would you say that business has increased since working with us? Yes.

How much has it increased (or how many calls do you get a month …)? Hard to say, 30% would be my guess. It’s a seasonal business, however during the season on average I’d say that we receive about 75 calls a month.

What do you like the most about your business’ website? It’s gets right to the point; clear concise, easy for a customer to figure out what’s going on, not all cluttered up.

Would you recommend My Supernova to others? Yes! If yes, then why? Because it produces results.

How would you rate My Supernova’s customer service on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being great)? 10.

We can help you create the perfect marketing campaign for your business, so you can attract more customers, make more money and bring in new business!

William Carroll

Admiral Steamer Carpet Cleaner

Small businesses that our looking to expand their online presence and expand their business, Mysupernova is the real deal. Nicole, my account executive, has stayed on the phone with me after her work hours trying to get a marketing system set up that will work to its fullest possibilities. Well, she surpassed that. My company probably produces 70-80% of my business through these guys. Give them a chance! If you don’t like it, you’re not locked in a contract.