Girl Scouts to Business Owners

Why Everyone Should be Using Google AdWords

Businesses are in the business of making business. If generating more business and more income as a result interests you, then read on for an industry secret – one that your business may be missing out on. If you are a small business owner, you have usually tried everything when it comes to marketing.

Fliers, business cards, transportation adverts – you’ve tried it all, right?

What you probably have not tried, however, is something that can be bringing you double, or even triple the amount of business you are used to receiving. This potential goldmine is called Google AdWords.

But what is Google AdWords? Why is it used?

If you have something you want to advertise, most commonly a business, Google provides the option to advertise on their web pages. The great thing about this is that you do not pay for anything until someone clicks on your ad. This is much more preferable than paying for an ad that people are not deliberately interested in viewing.

Another benefit to Google AdWords is that your potential customer is much more likely to find you than through any other form of advertisement – because this is specifically tailored to their needs. Your potential customer will sit down at their computer, search for specific keywords that relate to your industry, and if your AdWords campaign is well done, you will show up as one of Google’s sponsored ads either above Google search results, or to the side of them. If you are on the first page, it’s almost a guarantee that the potential customer will click on your ad and request your services – delivering you that call, and delivering you more business.

Sounds ideal right? It gets better.

No matter what your budget, Google AdWords can be made to work long term, and will bring in continuous business, as opposed to something like a business card, which is handed to a potential client, placed in a wallet, and left to collect dust.

There is also such thing as having negative keywords – what this does is prevent the wrong people from viewing your advertisement, and prevents you from wasting money on your paid campaign through unnecessary clicks.

Recently, a Girl Scout broke the record for most Girl Scout cookies sold, with a whopping 18,107. Now, that’s some extraordinary business. But just imagine what her total would have been, had she used Google AdWords with My Supernova. We predict that she would have achieved a record that would have been unbreakable.


As with anything else, Google AdWords can be time consuming, confusing, and frustrating if approached by a user unexperienced in it. There is also risk in not knowing how to correctly implement the keywords and negative keywords, and in lacking general knowledge for maximizing earning potential through Google AdWords. That is why business owners so often hire My Supernova to handle their Google AdWords campaign. Don’t sweat the online stuff. We’ll take care of it, so you don’t have to.