SEO Optimization: Improve Your Blog Post Ranking Online

A blog post has potential to be an effective advertising tool for business. Use search engine optimization, SEO, to improve its position and target your audience online.

In this post I detail simple changes you can make to best optimize your online posting efforts

Keyword Placement – And why it Really Matters

Keywords are the words that will tell the search engine which search terms the article will link to. The idea is to create a word that best represents the main topic. For most high ranking results, it best represent the topic while offering the highest demand for the lowest competition in the search engine.

SEO weighs most on your first couple of words. The title should include your keyword. If you have multiple consider using a semicolon to separate the ideas. Repeat it in the first and second sentence if possible. This helps establish the main topic in terms of what your article will be filed under in an online search. Hint: A keyword can also be a phrase with three or four words, and is still considered one keyword.

Therefore, using individual words from these couple does not count as the same word (e.g. “Sampson’s Lawn Care”, “Lawn Care”, “Lawn” or “Sampson”). This is important to know because of over-optimization – repeating words over and over for placement – the search engine may remove or dismiss your article.

Hint: Less is more. There is not a specific number (that I know of) for the amount of times that is too many, a good indicator is if the article reads with overused, misplaced, or forced placement of words. SEO Blogger is a tool that can help you manage your search engine preferences by providing information on the saturation of your keywords both within your content and on the web.

Sharing – The Golden Rule of Social Media

Social forums are designed to share content in just one or two clicks of the mouse. Not only do you have your ‘friend network’ on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, but you have the ability to reach out to people with your same interest at the drop of a hash tag. Share on your profiles in a way brings in potential followers.


Every place you share your article will have a different address for search engines, therefore offering more opportunity for search engine visibility to your site. Be aware of which domain you are sharing your article as. Avoid names or hyperlinks for your article like ‘click here’ opting for your company name, the topic, or a source back to your website.

This warning is because when someone clicks on your link, it builds visibility on the site. By making sure you are sourcing your blog posts back to your site, you are leading the clicks back to you, therefore building your ranking. This is critical for the growth of your blog post and site because the visibility will correlate in the organic strength of your site’s placement.

Revision – Tips For The Touchup

There is always room for improvement with your formatting and content. Get a second opinion through programs created specifically to optimize a blog post for SEO.

The Yoast Plugin for WordPress is great tool for online optimization. Once you have the Yoast plugin installed the dashboard offers a walk through on formatting for the best placement. When sharing other people’s articles, enter the source of the URL into the canonical selection of the Yoast Plugin to avoid any potential double use penalties. Enter your keyword in the ‘focus keyword section’ on the dashboard to generate a list of search engine optimizing titles. Save your blog in the provided section to view a personalized page analysis for optimizing the post.


SEOYoastPic1Use these tools to help optimize the visibility of your post or site on search engines. Keywords used effectively in the title and content of your post can help search engines direct searched terms to your site. Sharing your content on social media also creates a platform to boost your clicks. Rank is directly correlated to clicks received compared to other sites under the term being searched. Allow your blog post be an advantageous marketing tool for your business.

Helping small businesses with their online marketing is what we do. Our friendly specialists are here to assist you with your online marketing efforts. There’s a lot to do in a day. Don’t sweat the online stuff; we’ll take care of it so you don’t have to.