The Importance of Having a Website

Why You Need an Online Presence

DeathtoStock_CreativeCommunity7In this day in age every business should have a website. Surprisingly, anywhere from 44% to 51% businesses do not have a website. Some myths holding them back may be that it’s too expensive or they don’t have a need for one. False and false! Websites have reached an all time low in price and the need for business owners to have websites is greater than ever.

Having a website gives you and your business credibility. Think about it in terms of referrals. If a current client sends a friend to your website because they are recommending your services and the friend can’t find a website for you, you may lose credibility from a potential customer. People want to research your business. If they can’t find anything about you on the web they are likely to move on to another business that does have a website.

DeathtoStock_Medium6Another critical need for a website is to attach any and all forms of marketing to it. A website is like a train station. All of the ways to market your business (social media, word of mouth, pay-per-click advertisements) are like the railroad tracks coming to the station. Your website is a landing page for all potential customers to view your business. Without a website you are disqualifying yourself from many vital advertising options.

One objection business owners may have to websites is that they are too small of a business for it to even matter. In reality, having a website will level the playing field. A small business’ website appears right alongside larger ones on a search engine. Small businesses seem just as sufficient and capable as large corporations. By creating your own website, you can portray your business with the image you want it to have.

DeathtoStock_SlowDown3If you have products that you sell, there is absolutely no reason to not have a website. With e-commerce options, a website does the work for you! You can send customers to your website and they can purchase items directly through your site. If you don’t sell tangible goods but provide a service, you can create a contact form on your website for customers to set appointments. The best part about both of these options is your website is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every business owner should take advantage of a website selling products and setting up appointments.

A business that does not have a website is missing out on focal point of marketing strategy. A website has endless benefits. Whether you attach a social media campaign or pay-per-click advertising to your website or use it for referrals or existing clients, your website will benefit you and your business. Businesses without a website for customers to go to are truly doing a disservice to themselves. Don’t let customers slip away, start being visible online today!