Super Bowl Marketing

Relevant for Small Businesses Too!

It’s no surprise that the going rate for a 30 second ad during the Super Bowl is in the millions. What you may be surprised to learn though, is that businesses without that kind of budget can reap the benefits of marketing during the Super Bowl, too! If last year was any indication, real time marketing will be extremely prevalent. What exactly is real time marketing? Great question; it’s perfect for small businesses involving themselves in current events. Its a way for you to make your brand relevant to what’s going on in the exact moment.

With the emergence of social media, viewers and small business owners are able to interact with big brands promoting themselves during the Super Bowl. In 2014, the Super Bowl had 111.5 million viewers, making it the most watched show in television history. 2014 was also the biggest year of real time marketing. Large corporations like Coors Light, JC Penney, Kia, and DiGiorno Pizza all took to their Twitter accounts to comment on the football game, commercials, and other company’s Tweets. The brands engaged their audience with content based on what was going on in the exact moment, whether it was the fact that one team was beating the other by a landslide, or that a certain brand name seemed to be Tweeting incoherent messages. This tactic of real time marketing surprisingly made a large impact and on social media users across the country.

A few examples may help understand exactly what real time marketing is and how to participate this year. JC Penney Tweeted several messages with major typos.


The Twitter audience poked fun at Tweets like this, making assumptions that the social media representative for JC Penney had a few too many drinks. In response, Kia joked,


Followed by Coors Light, making a pun,


About an hour after the “drunk Tweets” went out, JC Penney shocked everyone. Their Tweets were designed to advertise themselves and they revealed this with a picture of mittens they were promoting accompanied by the message,


Aside from companies bantering back and forth, other companies were commenting on the actual game and commercials in real time. DiGiorno was quick to make fun of the Broncos less than impressive score while branding their business,


So why is this relevant? Why should we care about large corporations making fun a  football game and each other? It creates awareness and brands businesses. DiGiorno’s Tweet alone was retweeted over 17,000 times!

Businesses are already starting their real time marketing strategy for this years” Super Bowl. The hashtag #deflategate is sweeping Twitter and Instagram. Brands are making themselves relevant by capitalizing on the deflated football debacle. Krispy Kreme sent out a meme of a football shaped doughnut captioned “Ours are fully filled” with the hashtag #DeflateGate.


The bottom line is, you don’t have to shell out millions of dollars for a commercial to take advantage of the Super Bowl for marketing purposes. Businesses big and small can use their wit and quick thinking to make their brand relevant to the Super Bowl. 74% of views say they would take action on social media if a Super Bowl ad spurred them to it. This year’s game will not only be one to watch, but one to Tweet about too!