Shop Small This Saturday!

Small Business Saturday

shop-brickWe’re all familiar with Black Friday and the chaos that inevitably ensues. Lets skip the nightmare this year and take a look at Small Business Saturday. Conveniently falling on the day after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday is the newest shopping holiday. Originally launched by American Express in 2010, this shopping holiday encourages shoppers to support small business owners and their local communities.

Many small businesses offer discounts or incentives to encourage the holiday shoppers to stay local. Whether they have a brick and mortar shop, an online store, or are serviced based, any business can participate! The ultimate goal is to focus on supporting local business rather than shopping at large retailers. This can easily jumpstart the local economy and perpetuate a fellowship among local consumers and business owners.

shop smallSome of you may be thinking, “How is this relevant to me? Sure I own a business, but I do construction and I don’t have a store front for people to visit”. Guess what? You can reap all of the benefits of Small Business Saturday too! You don’t have to do a lot to take advantage of Small Business Saturday.

There is plenty you can do to promote your company:

  1. Social Media: Take to your social media accounts to broadcast your participation in Small Business Saturday. Social media platforms that rely heavily on hashtags such as Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook are perfect for this type of promotion. Use the hashtag #smallbusinesssaturday and add your city name on the end.
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  3. Adwords: Temporarily change the ad text on your Adwords account to promote your presence in Small Business Saturday. When consumers are searching for services they need, they will be more inclined to click on your link and give their business to someone who supports the community.
  4. Websites: If you don’t already have coupons or specials on your website, now is a perfect time to start! Spread the word that your company will be joining in the fun of Small Business Saturday
  5. Register on Eventbrite: Promote your company by creating an invitation on Eventbrite, a site that has partnered with American Express to support this day. As a premier partner, Eventbrite is creating a directory of events taking place across the nation to help consumers find participating businesses. Further, they have easy-to-use sharing and promotion tools for social media and other digital marketing platforms.
  6. Find Out What Your Community is Doing for SBS: Thousands of towns across the country are participating in Small Business Saturday. Find out what your city is doing to promote the holiday! Communities are coming together with fun ways to promote the day. Some towns encourage business owners to decorate with blue balloons; others are doing a “passport system” to see how many small businesses consumers visit and giving out raffle tickets and prizes.

Participating in Small Business Saturday will bring you more business, drive additional traffic to your website and better brand your website, Make sure to take advantage of Small Business Saturday!