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The Data Is In!

When diving into social media, there is a lot to absorb. While implementing social media into your business strategy has numerous positives for expanding your business, you may find that social media is ever-changing and that, as a result, your posts lose traction overtime, or even almost immediately. We have data from Sysomos, Moz, Wisemetrics, and Piqora, showing the research on lifespans of different social media which will open your eyes to how much of an impact your social media posts are actually having. Facebook So you posted something on Facebook – maybe an entertaining graphic pertaining to your business, [ … ]

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What Getting Social can do for You


New year resolutions usually revolve around what we can improve in our lives. When it comes to business, most want to achieve greater growth and outreach in the new year. And in terms of growth, social media is essential. Don’t believe us? See for yourself: Clearly, your potential clients are spending a lot of time online. And having a regular online presence really does bring in more business. Beyond your clients, here are some of the ways social media will grow and make business easier for you, too: Keep your clients updated with deals and changes in your business. Feature recommendations [ … ]

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Why You Shouldn’t Let the Phone Ring


We at My Supernova have witnessed a trend: businesses are not picking up their phones. In a world where convenience, immediacy, and reliability are key, this puts small businesses at an immense disadvantage from their peers who are answering their phones. When a prospective client receives a voicemail, up to 70% of these prospective clients hang up without leaving a message. There is a correlation between getting in touch with the business directly (answering the phone) and earning client’s business, and as a result, earning their money. Often, picking up the phone on the first couple of rings is enough to do the [ … ]

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