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SEO Optimization: Improve Your Blog Post Ranking Online

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A blog post has potential to be an effective advertising tool for business. Use search engine optimization, SEO, to improve its position and target your audience online. In this post I detail simple changes you can make to best optimize your online posting efforts Keyword Placement – And why it Really Matters Keywords are the words that will tell the search engine which search terms the article will link to. The idea is to create a word that best represents the main topic. For most high ranking results, it best represent the topic while offering the highest demand for the [ … ]

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FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014: How FIFA Advertises the World Cup into a Million Dollar Business


Sunday marked the final day of the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup and the first European World Cup victory on South American soil. There was a 66% increase in revenue since the World Cup in Africa in 2010 with a grand total of $4 billion in revenue. So how does FIFA generate their substantial income in a month time span? I asked myself this question and decided to take a few notes on how to apply this to my social media and marketing strategy. Where FIFA Makes Money Broadcasting Rights FIFA sold the right to stream the World Cup games to a [ … ]

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Three Marketing Strategies for Business: FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014


Whether you watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup or not, there are lessons and opportunities the games may hold to benefit your marketing strategies for business. With an estimated 3 billion viewers tuning into the 2014 FIFA World Cup now is the time to grasp the opportunities and turn them into something more. Use social media to target new clients. To plan, commit, and practice are simple commitments 1. Plan. Everyone has the desire to succeed. We all want to do something great. However, the path to success is not always perfectly paved. Experiment. Fail. And fail again. “You miss 100% [ … ]

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Girl Scouts to Business Owners


Businesses are in the business of making business. If generating more business and more income as a result interests you, then read on for an industry secret – one that your business may be missing out on. If you are a small business owner, you have usually tried everything when it comes to marketing. Fliers, business cards, transportation adverts – you’ve tried it all, right? What you probably have not tried, however, is something that can be bringing you double, or even triple the amount of business you are used to receiving. This potential goldmine is called Google AdWords. But [ … ]

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