How to Keep Your Business Momentum Going During the Holiday Season

Small business owners across the country tend to slow down in the winter season. Just what can you do this year to break the mold? There are countless marketing tools that you can use to keep business flourishing.

Follow these simple guidelines to take advantage of the holiday season this year:

treeUse Holiday Graphics: A little holiday cheer goes a long way. Catch the eye of the consumer by plastering holiday pictures and quotes all over your social media posts. You can also update your company logo and website with holiday graphics. This will grab the attention of potential customers and drive more traffic to your website.

Send Out Holiday Cards or E-Mail Campaigns: Handwritten cards may be tedious, but they do show your clients that you have taken the time out of your busy day to wish them a happy holidays. You can also send out a holiday themed e-mail campaign. For tips on how to write the perfect e-mail campaign click here.

bellsCreate a Youtube Video: Gather your employees together to film a holiday greeting via YouTube. Promote your company by this creative channel. Be informative about your business and the services your offer. Describe what sets you apart. Let potential customers get to know you on a personal level, it will encourage them to choose you and your business.

Offer Special Discounts: Discounts don’t have to end on Black Friday! Keep your momentum going by offering discounts during the holiday season. Whether you give a percentage off the price, free estimates, or added services for no additional charge, consumers will be more apt to hire you if you offer some sort of deal. By marketing them as holiday specials, there will be an implied deadline and drive a pipeline of new business to you this season.

However you chose to market your business during this holiday season, there are so many ways to reach your customers. Tis the season to be jolly, so use it to your advantage in your marketing this year.