Five Important Social Media Channels for Your Business

What You Need To Know

socialThere are so many social media platforms, which one is the right channel for your business? The truth is, you may need to choose quite a few for a successful social media campaign. We’ve taken the liberty of breaking down each of the important social media sites for your marketing purposes. Keep in mind that the cornerstone of all social media is your website. Think of your website as a train station. The social media sites are the trains driving people to your website. We have pinpointed five social media channels that can help you and your business.


facebook_social_circleFacebook is valuable for your business for multiple reasons. First of all, Facebook currently has an estimated 1.3 billion active users. When someone “likes” a business page, any posts made by that business show up on their news-feed. Further, when that user “likes” a certain post, their friends will see the post on their news-feed. With this powerful chain reaction, a business can reach so many more viewers than they realized. In addition, Facebook now offers an option to promote your business page and specific posts. It does cost money, however it will put your page in front of many more users that you wouldn’t have otherwise reached.


twitter_social_circleTwitter is known as a “micro-blog”, meaning users can share information but are limited to 140 characters or less. This is a benefit because by keeping it short and sweet, users will read the whole message. Users also have the option to “retweet”, or share posts with people that follow them. Hashtags are also a very useful tool on twitter. A hashtag is a word or a phrase (with no spaces) with the # symbol to form a label or a tag. Users can search hashtags to view tweets pertinent to that category. For example, a plumber can tweet and hashtag: #alabamaplumber. A person in Alabama needing a plumber can search this hashtag and find a plumber.

Google Plus

1392757653_google_plus_social_circleGoogle Plus is often overlooked, however this form of social media carries a lot of weight when it comes to google ranking. Google Plus for Business connects to the map section of Google and also has social media capabilities. Users can join “circles” and network with other users as well as businesses.


1392757644_linkedin_social_circleLinkedin is the premier B2B site. It started in 2003 as a platform for searching for job opportunities and posting resumes, however it has grown significantly since then. Now it is a full on networking site with profiles, interest groups, and endorsements. Endorsements are when one user affirms that another user is qualified in skills that they list form themselves. There is also a feed when businesses can post articles to drive traffic to their websites.


tU3ptNgGSP6U2fE67Gvy_SYDNEY-162Youtube is a video sharing site. Over 48 hours of video are uploaded every two minutes. A fun fact that you may or may not know is that Youtube is owned by Google. This is important information because you can enter keywords into your video post and these keywords contribute to your search engine ranking. It is also a fantastic way to bring imagery and graphics into your marketing campaign.

Whether you take advantage of all 5 social media outlets or lot, it is strongly advised that any small business has a firm social media strategy. Pick and choose what works best for you, but never underestimate the power of social media.