FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014: How FIFA Advertises the World Cup into a Million Dollar Business

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014: How FIFA Advertises the World Cup into a Million Dollar Business

world-cup-advertising-blogSunday marked the final day of the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup and the first European World Cup victory on South American soil. There was a 66% increase in revenue since the World Cup in Africa in 2010 with a grand total of $4 billion in revenue. So how does FIFA generate their substantial income in a month time span? I asked myself this question and decided to take a few notes on how to apply this to my social media and marketing strategy.

Where FIFA Makes Money

world-cup-advertising-blogBroadcasting Rights

FIFA sold the right to stream the World Cup games to a variety of hosts for a total of $1.7 billion. By selling the opportunity to stream its’ content FIFA creates a marketing network and expands its advertising coverage areas to its network’s clients.

Marketing Rights

Sponsors bought around $1.4 billion in sponsorship and advertising space during the one month span. Companies used the opportunity to display their slogan or how they would like to advertise their business around the stadiums, on the field, or on merchandise. Visual advertising allows for recognition. People will only use your brand once they know about your brand right? This visual strategy is largely popular for this reason.

Miscellaneous Sales

At $900 million, over a dozen sources in sales make up this income. Tickets, merchandise, packages etc. are less than 25% of the revenue however it is the product offered in the first place.

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