Brand Strategy: Customer Service and Your Brand

Branding and Your Customer Service

Branding with Your Customer Service


A business’ customer service is the relationship between the company and the consumer. Representatives portray the company’s message through every client interaction and the way they run the business. No matter the incentives you offer to attract customers, you maximize profit once you consistently convert your sales leads into loyal customers. Good customer service is listening to a customer’s needs and helping to the best of your ability. Any good salesperson can sell a product to anyone once. But the experience they create will determine if the customer will be willing to purchase again. Build trust with a client and they will likely to return. So, how do you build your brand to get more customers who can’t wait to buy your product?

Customer Service and Your Brand

1. Say it with a yes. If you can say it with a no, then undoubtedly you can turn it around and say it with a yes. Be helpful if you can be, even if there is no immediate profit. This is because no one likes a no. Rather than turning away business help clients find what they came for now and they will be more likely to return to you when they need something you do offer. Create a referral network for business in your field made up of businesses who are similar yet offer what you do not. For example a dentist may be in a referral network with an orthodontist. A business does not offer everything. Using this to your advantage is the difference between turning away people, and converting people into clients.

Sometimes it is not what you say but how you say it. Language is a large part of persuasion in sales. The way you represent your message is forming how the customer perceives you and your business. Positive language you can flip a situation from:

“We don’t carry that item at this time; it is back ordered for the next couple of weeks”

To: “Within the next couple of weeks that item will be available. I can order it for you today and ensure it is shipped to you as soon as it is delivered to our store.”

Response one is not negative however a customer may take it as impersonal. To focus on a resolution is a more personable option.

Which would you do business with?


2. Be Available. In today’s day in age we value immediacy. This is an advantage to businesses who have the means to answer phone calls and email right away. However, we have noticed a trend of small business missing calls. If a new client calls in for your service and one answers, they are likely to not leave a message and call the next business. This day in age Twitter is a mecca for businesses running customer service online.

Some advantages of providing web and mobile friendly social media forums are 24/7 service, quick format for multiple responses, and a large capacity for messages. For a lot of companies the telephone is the main source of client communication, and therefore clients are unable to get in touch with that business. Especially for companies that are primarily interface based, it is important to have a readily available place to speak with a business representative. A social media forum is a fix for those hectic workdays of off the hook phone calls.


3. Send the Right Message. What makes your business outstanding? Not only excellent, but different from other similar companies. Brand awareness usually involves something memorable and is a direct representation of your company. Customer service is the forefront of a business. Know what your company stands for and demonstrate it through customer interactions daily.

Behind a thriving business is excellent customer service. If an inquiring client is impressed with customer service they receive it is likely they will come again. Yes, the customer’s experience is that important. You can build your brand through having consistently helpful customer service. Although your actions today may not benefit you immediately, every interaction builds your company’s brand.