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The Importance of Having a Website


In this day in age every business should have a website. Surprisingly, anywhere from 44% to 51% businesses do not have a website. Some myths holding them back may be that it’s too expensive or they don’t have a need for one. False and false! Websites have reached an all time low in price and the need for business owners to have websites is greater than ever. Having a website gives you and your business credibility. Think about it in terms of referrals. If a current client sends a friend to your website because they are recommending your services and [ … ]

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Five Important Social Media Channels for Your Business


There are so many social media platforms, which one is the right channel for your business? The truth is, you may need to choose quite a few for a successful social media campaign. We’ve taken the liberty of breaking down each of the important social media sites for your marketing purposes. Keep in mind that the cornerstone of all social media is your website. Think of your website as a train station. The social media sites are the trains driving people to your website. We have pinpointed five social media channels that can help you and your business. Facebook Facebook [ … ]

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Super Bowl Marketing


It’s no surprise that the going rate for a 30 second ad during the Super Bowl is in the millions. What you may be surprised to learn though, is that businesses without that kind of budget can reap the benefits of marketing during the Super Bowl, too! If last year was any indication, real time marketing will be extremely prevalent. What exactly is real time marketing? Great question; it’s perfect for small businesses involving themselves in current events. Its a way for you to make your brand relevant to what’s going on in the exact moment. With the emergence of [ … ]

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How to Keep Your Business Momentum Going During the Holiday Season


Small business owners across the country tend to slow down in the winter season. Just what can you do this year to break the mold? There are countless marketing tools that you can use to keep business flourishing. Follow these simple guidelines to take advantage of the holiday season this year: Use Holiday Graphics: A little holiday cheer goes a long way. Catch the eye of the consumer by plastering holiday pictures and quotes all over your social media posts. You can also update your company logo and website with holiday graphics. This will grab the attention of potential customers [ … ]

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